The Buzz Podcasts

Listen in as Weatherbee Resources and guest experts cover all things hospice!
  • The H-word, Hospice, is Not a Bad H-word
    A discussion of why people are afraid of the word "hospice" with Dr. Kaishauna Guidry, MD, HMDC, of Mourning Dove Medical
  • Deprescribing Medications for Hospice Patients
    Gregory Dyke, RPh, Pharmacist Consultant for Weatherbee Resources and hospice pharmacist at a large Illinois provider, talks about the nuances involved in deprescribing medications for hospice patients.
  • Role of the Physician Assistant
    Weatherbee Resources CEO, Carrie Cooley, explains the newly expanded role of the Physician Assistant and impact on hospice services.
  • The Opioid Epidemic
    Join host Melanie Hill and Clevis Parker, MD, Chief Medical Director at a large hospice in Nevada, in a discussion about the impact of opioids in hospice and the country.
  • What is Palliative Care
    Barbara Sutton with Housecall Providers and host Melanie Hill discuss palliative care and how it differs from hospice care with regard to pain and symptom management, continuing curative treatments, and reimbursement / fee-for-service.
  • Principles & Practices for Staff Education
    Kevin Gulliver, MSN, RN, joins host Melanie Hill in a discussion about the nuances of education, whether in person or virtually, in these difficult pandemic times.
  • Hospice Contracts
    Join host Melanie Hill and Rachel Hold-Weiss, Partner, Arent Fox, in a discussion about the importance of the hospice contracts and with whom a hospice should enter into a contracts.
  • Touch Upon COVID-19 and More About Data Analytics
    A quick touch on COVID-19 and then a dive into analytics and data - Join host Melanie Hill and Jay Cushman with HealthPivots in a discussion about how the coronavirus is affecting data and reporting. Website:
  • Summer Hot Topics: HEART, TPE, PEPPER
    HEART: A recap of the June 2019 update from CMS on the HEART assessment tool is discussed. TPE: Weatherbee recommends using your QAPI program to change bad documentation habits now so when TPE Rounds 1, 2 and 3 come, your hospice passes with flying colors. PEPPER: Less than half of hospices have retrieved their PEPPER which was most recently released in April 2019. Use the PEPPER to identify vulnerable areas for payment-related scrutiny.
  • Welcome & Introduction
    Join host Melanie Hill and Weatherbee Resources owners Lynn Stange and Carrie Cooley as they review 2018 and layout plans for 2019.