The Buzz Podcasts

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  • Touch Upon COVID-19 and More About Data Analytics
    A quick touch on COVID-19 and then a dive into analytics and data - Join host Melanie Hill and Jay Cushman with HealthPivots in a discussion about how the coronavirus is affecting data and reporting. Website:
  • Summer Hot Topics: HEART, TPE, PEPPER
    HEART: A recap of the June 2019 update from CMS on the HEART assessment tool is discussed. TPE: Weatherbee recommends using your QAPI program to change bad documentation habits now so when TPE Rounds 1, 2 and 3 come, your hospice passes with flying colors. PEPPER: Less than half of hospices have retrieved their PEPPER which was most recently released in April 2019. Use the PEPPER to identify vulnerable areas for payment-related scrutiny.
  • Welcome & Introduction
    Join host Melanie Hill and Weatherbee Resources owners Lynn Stange and Carrie Cooley as they review 2018 and layout plans for 2019.