User Guides

Step-by-step instructions and screen shots to help you navigate the Education Portal.

  • User Guide - My Dashboard
    Use My Dashboard to join an event you are registered for and access Zoom link, get meeting info, download handout(s), watch an archive recording, complete the evaluation, and/or print certificate(s). Archived recordings are not available to non-registrants. My Dashboard is only available after login.
  • User Guide - Group Participation & Continuing Education
    When participating in an HCN webinar as part of a group, only the person logged in and launching the webinar can complete an evaluation and earn a certificate issued in their name. Group participants can log into their own account and complete the evaluation and print certificate(s) in their name. Archived webinar links and handouts are not available using this option. This feature offering the evaluation and certificates includes a participation attestation statement. If you would like the archive of the HCN webinar, please email or call (866) 969-7124.

I'm an HCN member. How do I register?

Your hospice's Compliance Officer / HCN contact person receives a code at least two weeks prior to register for that month's webinar. Ask that individual for the code or email us at and we can verify HCN membership and send the code (different code each month). As an HCN member the webinars are included at no additional cost in your membership and there's no limit to the number of logins.

How much does a webinar cost?

Webinars are free to HCN members (ask your Compliance / HCN contact person for the code). Non-members may register for $129 per webinar / login.

What are the topics of webinars?

Our topics are all based on hospice compliance. See the listing of all webinar titles here. But we always encourage you to share ideas for webinar topics that would be helpful to you! Send your ideas to

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​How often can I return and review a purchased product on demand?

Webinars are generally available for 30 days after the live event. Log in anytime you want, click on My Dashboard, and view an archive for a webinar for which you originally registered.

I need help with webinar administration.

I'm having trouble with my account information, need a receipt, or can't find a webinar I purchased. For any issues, please contact or call (866) 969-7124.

Are CEs offered?

We offer continuing education for nurses through Relias, LLC, an approved provider by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). Compliance Officers and those with compliance certification may also receive credit through Compliance Certificate Board (CCB). A general certificate of completion / attendance is also available. Certificates are available for download only after viewing the webinar and completing the evaluation.

Group Viewing and CEs

When participating in a group, the individual who logs in to launch the webinar has access to the evaluation and certificate(s) printed in their name.

Group participant instructions:

  • Create an account (email and password) or log in
  • Click on the Webinars tab
  • Scroll to the very bottom to the Evaluations and Certificates section
  • Click on the webinar title link and "register" (no charge for this)
  • Click on View button and complete the evaluation
  • Certificates are available after completion of the evaluation 

A list of all participants is sent to accrediting bodies in the event of an audit.

​What are the system requirements for accessing a webinar?

Prior to a live event, please consider testing your web browser. If your browser passes the test, you will see green Success. If you do not, you will be given further instructions.

It is recommended that you use a high speed/broadband Internet connection (Wi-Fi is not recommended).

Recommended browsers are Chrome or Firefox. (Internet Explorer is not recommended for webinar registration or viewing.)

If at any time you experience a problem launching a webinar, please try a different browser.

Android and iPad Viewing

Viewing webinars is now available on iPad and Android devices. Apps are not required but provide a better webinar experience; and are available at this time (October 2018) only via the links below: