Hospice Risk Mitigation Strategies - Part 2

Includes a Live Event on 10/17/2018 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

Risk - of employee injury, of poor patient outcomes, of litigation, of rising insurance premiums, and a host of others - is a constant in today’s healthcare environment. Reducing and managing risk is critical to the long term viability and overall success of any healthcare provider. Education that leads to a lasting change in behavior may well be the most effective weapon in our war against risk. This learning activity will focus on using a defined process to approach risk and employing adult learning principles to create education and continuing competencies that mitigate risk.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Health Care Risks (Patient, Business, Employee, Accreditation) and reactive vs. proactive risk.
  • Discussion of adult learning principles
  • Misconceptions about education and learning.
  • Using the “Get Better” process to identify knowledge gaps and ineffective processes
  • Demonstration of processes, corrective actions, and outcomes utilizing actual case study (Reactive Risk).
  • Demonstration of processes, corrective actions, and outcomes utilizing actual case study (Proactive Risk).
  • Tips for managing risk with education.

“This education activity has been submitted to the Compliance Certification Board (CCB)® and is currently pending their review for continuing education.”

Lou Ann Robinson, RN, BSN (Moderator)

Compliance Officer, Relias, LLC

Ms. Robinson is an experienced educator, process analyst, and quality director, with over 30 years of clinical nursing practice and management experience. Ms. Robinson is recognized for her expertise in process and performance improvement and quality assurance, as well as for her knowledge of regulatory compliance, results-oriented business practices, and cost containment.

After thirteen years as the Director of Quality Management, Ms. Robinson joined Relias (formerly Silverchair Learning) in 2010. During her career at Relias, she has served as Manager of Accreditations, and Home Health and Hospice Product Manager. She is currently the Compliance Officer for Relias.

Ms. Robinson believes passionately in community-based services, patient-centered care, and quality. With Bachelors of Science degrees in nursing (UNC Chapel Hill) and accounting (UNC Charlotte), her dedication to life-long learning is evident.


Hospice Risk Mitigation Strategies - Part 2
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