Building a Sustainable Palliative Care Program

Includes a Live Event on 09/25/2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

How building a palliative care program can broaden services and community relationships

Kathy Brandt, MS (Moderator)

Principal, the kb group

Kathy Brandt, the Principal of the kb group, has over twenty-seven years working in hospice, palliative care, aging, and caregiving at the national, state, and local level.

In 2017 Kathy was selected as the Writer/Editor of the National Consensus Project (NCP) Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care, 4th edition (2018). As the Writer/Editor, Kathy works with the national Steering Committee, Writing Workgroup, and staff to ensure that the revised Guidelines reflect the evolution of palliative care. The new Guidelines will focus on the delivery of optimal serious illness care to patients and families of all ages and in all care settings. 

Kathy helps organizations identify and maximize their capacity through business development, project management, marketing, strategic planning, leadership development, and systems design. Clients rely on Kathy’s knowledge of the palliative care field, and her ability to identify and synthesize community needs, develop actionable strategic priorities, and assist in the development of sustainable community-based palliative care programs.  

Kathy wrote Covenant Hospice’s successful Medicare Care Choices Model (MCCM) application, working with the leaders to develop and communicate their unique program. In 2017, Kathy was hired by the Lewin Group to provide guidance to all the MCCM hospice programs in an effort to increase access to the model among eligible Medicare beneficiaries.

For more than 16 years Kathy helped lead the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, working her way up through the organization to become the Senior Vice President, Office of Innovation and the Executive Director of NHPCO’s Mary J Labyak Institute for Innovation. 

Kathy led NHPCO’s efforts to help hospices evolve beyond the Medicare Hospice Benefit, expanding services in a fiscally-prudent, mission-focused way to help people access palliative care sooner in their disease process. Kathy’s team spearheaded NHPCO’s forays into online education, authored grants and contracts generating more than seven million dollars of funding, and created Caring Connections, an award-winning consumer engagement initiative that has helped millions of people learn more about advance care planning, palliative care, hospice and grief. 

NHPCO’s go-to-person for strategic planning, Kathy facilitated strategic planning for the boards of NHPCO, the National Hospice Foundation, the Hospice Action Network, and Americans for Better Care of the Dying and chaired the planning committee for the American Society on Aging (ASA). 

For seven years Kathy worked at Suncoast Hospice where she created a community engagement model, Project DECIDE, which led to Suncoast being named as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded Rallying Points Regional Resource Center. 

Kathy has served on the Board of Directors of the American Society on Aging and the Florida Council on Aging. She is currently chair the ASA membership committee.


Building a Sustainable Palliative Care Program
How building a palliative care program can broaden services and community relationships Live event: 09/25/2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT) You must register to access.